Maui Tomorrow and South Maui Citizens for Responsible Growth File Motions with Land Use Commission and Board of Appeals Against Mega-Mall

For Immediate Release:

Maui Tomorrow Foundation, Inc., South Maui Citizens for Responsible Growth, and Kihei resident Daniel Kanahele have filed motions before the State Land Use Commission and Maui County Board of Variance and Appeals regarding a large land parcel at the intersection of Pi’ilani Highway and Kaonoulu Street in Kihei.

This legal action follows recent plans by Eclipse Development to convert 68 acres at the site into two mega malls describe by the Irvine, California company as “the largest outlet malls in the state.” The community groups’ legal action is to enforce the provisions of a Hawaii Land Use Commission Order dated February 10, 1995, along with provisions of the Kihei-Makena Community Plan enacted into law in 1998 and M-1 Light Industrial zoning attached to the property, the former Kaonoulu Ranch, by the County of Maui in 1999.

Plans for the two projects, Pi’ilani Promenade and Kihei Outlet Mall, show 700,000 square feet of retail space coupled with acres of asphalt parking lots bringing significant hardscape above a part of Kihei prone to severe flooding.

This mega-shopping complex will, according to the developers, be situated at “the largest intersection on the Island.”  Traffic onPi’ilani Highwaywill be severely affected yet the only traffic study required was done 18 years ago for a light industrial park.

The large commercial project does not comply with lawful conditions imposed on the site by the State Land Use Commission.  One such condition, requiring a frontage road for the project, does not appear on current plans and there is no attempt to make the project walkable or bikeable or to connect the retail centers with other uses mauka of the highway, including the proposed Kihei High School.

Maui Tomorrow’s executive director, Irene Bowie, states, “The Kihei-Makena Community Plan does not support the development and the community is frustrated because Eclipse Development has so far refused to engage in any public discussion of the shopping complex.  We therefore feel that filing these legal actions is our only option to force a public hearing and demand an updated traffic study.”


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6 Responses to “Maui Tomorrow and South Maui Citizens for Responsible Growth File Motions with Land Use Commission and Board of Appeals Against Mega-Mall”

  1. I am amazed with the arrogance of this project in that they said we Kihei residents had not been informed of their venture but they knew we would like it.
    The Piilani Hwy is already chocked up with traffic during the busy seasons and they brag that their center will make this the busiest intersection on Maui.I sincerely hope the County Council and our Mayor will help make this a welcome addition instead of The Mall That Ruined South Maui’s visitor industry.


    SIGN WAVING at the MEGA MALL site: Pi’ilani Hwy and Kaonoulu – THURSDAY, MAY 31, FROM 3-6pm.

    There is plenty of parking on Kaonoulu.
    No pets or children for safety reasons.
    We need your support to stop this Mega Mall on our beautiful island…

  3. I work with and around tourist from all over the world and the main question i get the most is “where is there a good shopping mall to shop at” and when i tell them there is Kaahumanu, Maui mall, Piilani shopping center or the shops at Wailea they mostly laugh and say wow you “people” call those malls?? i don’t get how some of you say that the tourist come here to get away from it all but yet they still ask for the things they have back home like this outlet mall, if they want it and i’m sure half of the island wants it then let it be. I think this should be base on the majority of people that want it instead of the few who doesn’t want it and voices their opinions and say they are speaking on behalf of everyone, cause obviously everyone doesn’t agree with you.

  4. When do we expect to hear the outcome of this lawsuit? The sooner the better. Lets shut this project down. Those who want it don’t even live in Kihei or care about the traffic nightmare that this project will cause.

  5. When I visited Maui it was nice to be in a place where you could see history of the area with the quaintness. It reminds me of Saugatuck, MI. They also are going through the same thing and made the future developer know the areas needs had to be met. They went to court about it several times. When the store fronts of these malls aren’t filled, it is blite to the area. This sort of 2 tier mall in Michewaka,In. was then torn down. These malls are places where the kids have gathered in gangs and have been naughty costing the area government extra money to enfore the law.

  6. We suggest you attend the public meeting on June 19 to get the most up to date information on the legal action explained in this post from the principals invloved in it.