KCA was only testifier this morning (12/8/15) at County Planning Commission

Your Association was only testified in support of the blended resolution and proposed bill that would liberalize zoning for affordable accessory dwellings (aka Ohana’s) on smaller residential lots, with strict regulations that they be restricted to long term rentals, so as not to be quickly put to use as vacation rentals. It is our belief that this could be a honest segment to assist with the lack of affordability, specifically with much needed rentals, as opposed to proposals that make claims to do so, which too often have very limited truly affordables, while fostering corporate profit by building numerous high end houses.

See http://co.maui.hi.us/index.aspx?nid=121 under HOT TOPICS

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2 Responses to “KCA was only testifier this morning (12/8/15) at County Planning Commission”

  1. I have been visiting all islands since 1977 usually spending several months on Maui. I moved here last year. This will be my forever home. My biggest complaint is hearing about events PRIOR to the event because it is difficult to attend when the only mention is after the fact….burning,sewers,water use are very important…there are so many decisions that make no sense —except to those folks that benefit monetarily….quality of life should come first. I believe people have lost sight of the value of dollars…How many times have I heard ” it only costs” The basic concept is “if you don’t have the money – you can’t buy it now”. People come to the island to enjoy—-how many get to do that while working 2&3 jobs? I have never known a place that desperately needed so many fund raisers to live a basic life. Forget building to overcrowd the beaches and highways. Use the land to provide the old victory gardens and perhaps I will never again be charged $13 for a cauliflower . Citizens here should not be forced to be beggars. Maui has the most desired climate and beauty of any place in the world—-yes, I have traveled the world and lived in many countries…mahalo

  2. Mahalo, Patricia. Glad to read your immediate participation as a new member. Believe me, our volunteers do their very best to inform our members and the community about pertinent events both before, to inform and encourage participation, and after to report to those who did not. In reality that is an enormous task as there are so many items and we are so few. However when we do this successfully it requires guys to frequently go to the website to see what is going on. Our twice monthly newsletters are very popular, but just waiting to receive those of course means many of the events have already occurred. So we always encourage guys to frequently go to he website, as it will offer almost anything you want to know out KCA and much, much more.