Commercial Construction Continues Mauka of Highway in N. Kihei.

While much of our community is waiting to hear (on Jan 24,2013) the State Land Use Commission’s (LUC) decision of what may legally be constructed on the vast stretch of mauka land of Eclipse Development of Irvine, CA,  marked by the tall  black dust fence for past several months in N. Kihei, we see activity on the north side of the Shell gas station for a much smaller parcel of land, with a much shorter black screen, next to the batting cages. Do you know what is to be constructed at this site? We understand it will be some type of storage facility.

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6 Responses to “Commercial Construction Continues Mauka of Highway in N. Kihei.”

  1. they should build a low rise condo building there, it would have nice views overlooking kihei.

  2. IMO: Why would they waste money before a decision is made? After all, the decision COULD be No and so all this ongoing activity would be a waste. The answer is because the decision will not be No, it will be Go Ahead, and has already been made, years ago. This is the slow-release-valve theatre we see in all unilateral, money-made decisions that affect the public: Drag it out until no one can stand thinking about it anymore – interest and protest wanes – construction continues at an intensified pace.
    This is partially similar to the method used in the ongoing gasoline pricing squeeze, i.e., getting us ‘used to it’ over time. Otherwise known as the ratchet method.
    Responses welcome,

  3. Mahalo for the comment. I would just clarify that this is NOT the site being considered by the LUC regarding the so called “mega malls.” This is on other side (north) of the shell gas station

  4. The only construction Maui needs that no one ever builds is TOURISM RELATED construction!

    All this is going to be is more crap!

  5. Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez March 4, 2014 at 1:36 pm


    The project Mike is speaking about has been modified and has filed an Environmental Impact Statement Notice (EISN) that the KCA has commented on. See their website for instructions on how they submitted their comments.

    Thanks to numerous meeting with the KCA Board of Directors and a community meeting attended by 150 people that generated pages of specific comments from attendees. The project has been down-sized and a 64 apartment component has been added that will be 25% affordable according to County regulations. The project is now being offered by Sarofim Realty who replaced Eclipse Development that had not seen a need to work with the community.

    That is not Sarofim’s view or policy.

    It is now being developed as a mixed use light industrial, retail and housing project. More opportunity to comment will come in August at a State Land Use Commission (SLUC) meeting and when the draft EIS is filed with the SLUC.

    Your comments are important and must be responded to and considered whether pro or con. We deeply appreciate the work and views of Mike and the KCA as we move forward with the project.

  6. Mahalo Tom for adding to the KCA interactive website process with your input. So viewers are aware and clear, Tom works for Charlie Jencks, who is described as the Representative on Sarofim Realty Advisers of Dallas Texas, who proclaim to be the owners of the land just SOUTH of the Shell gas station mauka Pi’ilani Highway.
    This post and all of the photos including the new one of “for sale” sign as shown in this update, as well as all of those showing changes to the plot on land in January, 2013 are of a distinctly different plot of land NORTH of the gas station. As far as we know Sarofim has no relationship to this land that is announced as for sale, and none of Tom’s informative comments bear any relationship to it.