Cruising into Kihei

Not all Kihei visitors arrive here by commercial carrier, be it airline or cruise ship., especially at this time of year. Some guys have their own transportation, be it private jet parked at OGG or this way. Boat (ship?) was anchored in Maalaea Bay opposite Kenolio Park area Sunday ( 12/22/13) morning. Can you identify who it was? 


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4 comments on “Cruising into Kihei

  1. Tracy O'Reilly on said:

    It was Octopus, Paul Allen’s yacht.

  2. Actually it was Silver Cloud a SWATH boat. The Kihei Canoe Club paddled out and spoke with guests and crew on several occasions. To learn more about the boat and it’s owner, see:

  3. Marcia on said:

    Thank you for the information, including the link. Quite interesting.

  4. Alan Thompson on said:

    Yes that wasn’t Paul Allen’s yacht. However – today (3/14/14) – Paul Allen’s yacht is sitting off Maalaea harbor. Huge ship, quite the spectacle … named “Octopus.”

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