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   47.  Piilani Promenade (AKA MegaMall) FEIS June 2017
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   1.  South Maui CPAC 2/1/2023 – Watershed Management
   2.  What NOW with the high school in Kihei? LUC meeting is 2/9/23 at KCC
   3.  Take the State Highway SAFETY Community Survey
   4.  Up Next at South Maui CPAC 1/25/2023 – Watershed Management
   5.  Greening South Maui – Recording of Public Meeting 1/17/2023
   6.  Up Next at South Maui CPAC 1/18/2023 – Climate Change and Resiliency
   7.  KCA Position on Safe Access to New High School
   8.  Greening South Maui – KCA Public Meeting January 17
   10.  ***CANCELED!!!Next CPAC meeting WED 1/11/23 at 530 PM at Malcolm Center in R & T Park
   11.  South Maui CPAC 1/4/2023 to Continue with Transportation
   12.  Vision Zero – Eliminating Traffic Deaths in Jersey City
   13.  Chaos With New Kihei Roundabout
   14.  Topic for South Maui CPAC 12/21/2022 – Transportation
   15.  South Maui CPAC meeting 12/21 at the Kihei Community Center
   16.  Ledcor’s Public Scoping Meeting for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for South Maui new development
   17.  New South Maui State Senator offers live communication with our community
   18.  How to get the kids safely to the new high school
   19.  South Maui CPAC meeting 12/14 at the Malcom Center
   20.  UPDATE: Hale Kaiola Housing Construction Continues with Infrastructure
   21.  South Maui CPAC meeting 12/7 at the Kihei Community Center
   22.  The South Maui Community Plan – Now is our Chance!
   23.  What can be done to get the next segment of the North South Collector Road constructed in N. Kihei in a reasonable time?
   24.  Become a Honu Hero
   25.  Meet KCA’s Wiliwili Warriors
   26.  US Traffic Safety is Getting Worse
   27.  Getting to the other side of the Pi’ilani Hwy in North Kihei
   28.  KCA questions candidates for four Council positions
   29.  Maui News Weekend Editorial Grades the State Dept of Education
   30.  How Kihei got Kamaole Point Park
   31.  Stand Up For Kihei — Become a Board Member for 2023
   32.  Serious Pedestrian Injury on South Kihei Road
   33.  Was the Open House 9,8,7 or 6,5,4 years too late? DOE waited almost a decade on child safety action.
   34.  Maui County Council Candidates Answer South Maui Questions
   35.  County work at Waipuilani River gulch and North-South Collector Road
   36.  FINALLY!! Action on Keawakapū Beach Parking
   37.  Road Diets, Bicycle Trains, and Walking Audits Can Transform Your Neighborhood
   38.  Local media coverage on one item in Council Committee meeting
   39.  South Maui Community Plan (SMCP) update
   40.  Administration Failure! Liloa Drive Road Painting Needed For Safety
   41.  Affordable Lottery held today at Ikaika Ohana’s Kaiwahine Village for their second rental project in R&T Park to open at end of year
   42.  After almost TEN YEARS the Dept of Education (DOE) is doing “something” concerning the legally required safe crossing of the Pi’ilani Hwy
   43.  APPLY NOW!!! Kaiāulu O Halele’a construction quickly progressing
   44.  Incorrect date for next candidate forum appeared in our 8/1/22 newsletter
   45.  See the South Maui Senate Candidates on PBS 7/28
   46.  Ballot for 2022 primary is out to your mail box now. Start examining it so you can mail it by Aug 6
   47.  The grove on S. Kihei Road remains in place
   48.  Meet the State candidates for South Maui
   49.  Violation in North Kihei
   50.  Stormwater mitigation desperately needed for South Maui
   51.  This cannot be good for our coral reef system or us
   52.  Long Awaited Refurbished Kalama Park Skateboard Facility Now Open
   53.  Meet the Candidates for Maui County Mayor
   54.  As expected, major back up on Pi’ilani Hwy south to start the day
   55.  The State is behind in clearing out Waipuilani Gulch
   56.  While Oahu Department of Education prevents high school opening, local principal works to name it
   57.  Planning Department Information about New SMA Rules
   58.  Further delays for North Kihei sidewalks; going into fifth year since offered
   59.  Provide your input – health care for South Maui
   60.  High School Crossing FAQ
   61.  The start of added sidewalks on S. Kihei Rd. going south from Lipoa?
   62.  Civil Beat Comes to Kihei to talk with and listen to community
   63.  Rep. Kai Kahele visits with KCA in Kihei re transportation infrastructure
   64.  Department of Education Community (virtual) meeting on the new High School in North Kihei
   65.  Informative Townhall on So. Maui Housing drew about 50 people last evening
   66.  Some background on the fight for a safe crossing for the high school students
   67.  What are your budget priorities?
   68.  Here comes the first state roundabout in North Kihei?
   69.  Ahihi Kinau – KCA Public Meeting March 15, 2022
   70.  KCA Public Meeting March 15 – ?Ahihi Kina?u
   71.  Maui News – get the roadway built
   72.  Mayoral Candidate Judge Richard Bissen meets with KCA BOD
   73.  Media report on flooding & the Kihei Drainage Master Plan
   74.  New Raw Elements dispensers installed on Maui ahead of non-mineral sunscreen ban
   75.  Heavy equipment in two major river gulches in So Maui
   76.  Tourism Management and Economic Development in Maui County
   77.  Pi’ilani Hwy northbound closed north of Kaonoulu Tuesday afternoon
   78.  KCA candidate forums in 2022
   79.  Commission nears deadline to propose changes to Maui County government
   80.  World Wetlands Day – Celebrate in Kihei February 2, 2022
   81.  Senator Brian Schatz and State Hwys Division Ed Sniffen at County IT Committee
   82.  Plan Seeks More Natural Solutions to Flood Risks
   83.  Safety concern on N. Kihei Rd induces site visit meeting of government officials
   84.  Mitigating the flooding in Kihei and protecting the reefs
   85.  BOOM!! Illegal explosions turn some Kihei neighborhoods into “war zones.”
   86.  Blessing of the New South Maui County Council District Office at R & T Park
   87.  North Kihei area near Uwapo after the heavy rains in December 2021
   88.  The proposed pedestrian underpass in a severe rainstorm
   89.  Online seminar on green infrastructure for stormwater management
   90.  Kihei Drainage Master Plan Ecological Alternatives Analysis Finally Released
   91.  What is up with the State Department of Transportation’s Two Lane Roundabout?
   92.  Maui’s historic law bans the sale of chemical sunscreens in county
   93.  Concerns about building on the Waipuilani wetlands
   94.  Roundabouts are good for the climate
   95.  Watch the 12/16/2021 meeting about the wetlands and other South Maui issues
   96.  Wailea 670, aka Honua’ula project still proceeding into 2022
   97.  Maui News Editorial regarding High School pedestrian access
   98.  Maui News Report on State Land Use Commission meeting on underpass
   99.  UPDATE!! Safety first for our high school students, 10/27/21at 9AM
   100.  KCA Members ONLY!

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