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   47.  Piilani Promenade (AKA MegaMall) FEIS June 2017
   48.  Email the Mayor – No Stop Light or Culvert!
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   50.  Email the Mayor – No Stop Light or Culvert!
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   2.  Where is the Kihei Master Drainage Plan?
   3.  KCA Design Review Committee sees revised housing project
   4.  Safety first for our high school students, now tentative 10/27/21at 9AM
   5.  Ku Makani – Free Crisis Counseling
   6.  New Kihei High School Information
   7.  Community Plan updates, water conservation and a new high school for Kihei
   8.  Maui County Kakou
   9.  A moment in KCA’s history – 2006
   10.  Is this the start of the next segment of the “Collector Road”, aka Liloa?
   11.  South Maui in the 2020 census
   12.  Yes, protected bike lanes save lives
   13.  Kalama Park to Makena Bike Ride on September 11, 2021
   14.  Sign Waving Demonstration Seeks Safety First for Future Kihei High School Students
   15.  Pictures from sign-waving 8/19/2021 for a safe student crossing
   16.  Sign-waving 8/19 for High School underpass
   17.  Wetlands Cleanup on Saturday Morning at La’ie along South Kihei Road
   18.  Weed fire on land set to break ground for work force housing project
   19.  Is there actual governmental true interest in pedestrian safety on our island?
   20.  A safer bikelane on a roadway
   22.  Recycling in Maui County – Watch the Recording
   23.  Ho’onani Housing Project Proposal
   24.  Hale Pi’ilani Park: Field of Dreams?
   25.  Coastal Road Adaptation Survey
   26.  KCA Public Meeting – Recycling in Maui County
   27.  In case you missed it on June 23!!! South Maui HHARP Virtual Preparedness Fair
   28.  Watch the Sustainable Tourism Town Hall meeting
   29.  KCA Quarterly Meeting with Council Member Kelly King
   30.  Get involved, make Maui better!
   31.  Whatever happened to the Kamaole Grand Project in South Kihei?
   32.  KCA meets with Dept. Public Works Director Rowena Dagdag-Andaya on May 28.
   33.  New Kihei “affordable” housing project presented to Design Review Committee
   34.  What is the Maui County Charter Commission Up to?
   36.  Virtual South Maui Transportation Town Hall 4/27/21 4:30PM
   37.  May General Membership Meeting Looks at the County Charter and the Commission
   38.  Housing Projects in Kihei
   39.  Troublesome signal lights at Ohukai intersection at highway
   40.  NSCR construction date now two years later: 2024 for next segment
   41.  Building makai of South Kihei Road in 2021
   42.  South Maui Town Hall for Budget Priorities on Tuesday, March 30 at 6pm
   43.  Mayor Unviels FY 2022 County Budget- “No Soup for YOU, South Maui”
   44.  New S. Maui affordable apartments moving ahead
   45.  Modified TODAY 3/19/21 -Island wide Brown Water Advisory has been issued for Maui today
   46.  Starting the South Maui Community Plan Update
   47.  South Maui Community Plan update – public meeting 3/16
   48.  Maui Coast Hotel expansion – meeting with developers
   49.  Need help with an outdoor clean up? Malama Maui Nui is there for you
   50.  Deadline is FEB 26 to participate in Household Hazardous Waste Collection event
   51.  Update on Kamaole Solar project
   52.  The Land Use Commission and South Maui
   53.  New Kamaole Solar Partners to hold Feb 3, 2021 5:00 p.m. Open House
   54.  Kihei High School Groundbreaking (again?)
   55.  CANCELLED ( but) High Bacteria Count Advisory at Cove Park, Maui
   56.  MAUI NEWS: Roundabout could be ready by school opening
   57.  Jan 5, 2021 UDRB meeting on Maui Coast extension
   58.  Brown Water Advisory, CANCELED
   59.  DOE Community January 12 5:00 pm Meeting on High School
   60.  How Important is the LUC to the South Maui Community? Find out on 1/19/21
   61.  Skatepark update KCA met with Parks & Rec Director Karla Peters .
   62.  Kihei Public Library now open
   63.  Hotel Expansion Expected in South Kihei
   64.  Maybe in 2021? Commission gave it EIGHT YEAR EXTENSION?? After several false starts real activity begins at Maui Lu site this Monday!
   65.  County Dog Park Opens today in North Kihei
   66.  What is the safest for our students teachers and community in South Maui?
   67.  Makena’s past and future – public informational meeting 6 PM Monday
   68.  MECO to HECO work inconveniences neighborhood
   69.  Construction on Pi’ilani Hwy
   70.  KCA in the local media- Maui News Editorial
   71.  Pi’ilani Hwy at Kulanihakoi Street Slated for Construction, Starting 7/ 27; NO, 11/16
   72.  UPDATE: Hale Kaiola passes at Commission/ What Else is Going On with Affordable Housing in South Maui?
   73.  South Maui Representatives and OED director Puppolo with KCA 11/17/2020
   74.  South Maui Bike Ride Next Saturday (12/12/20)
   75.  KCA cosponsors Community meeting of housing project in central Kihei
   76.  What NOW with the high school in Kihei? LUC meeting was 11/4/20 9 AM
   77.  KCA Board of Directors, 2021
   78.  Nov 17 General membership Meeting
   79.  Empowering Kihei: Our Resilience Hub status update – Oct 5, 2020
   80.  How do coral reefs protect Kihei (and Hawaii)?
   81.  South Maui Community Plan Website
   82.  Last KCA Candidate Forum for 2020
   83.  Last Chance for potential KCA Directors 2021
   84.  Maui Planning Commission had two S Maui Developments on Agenda for 10/27
   85.  Final KCA 2020 Candidate Forum is Oct 20 at 6:30 PM
   86.  Kama’ole Solar Update: September 26, 2020
   87.  KCA Candidate Forum September 15, 2020
   88.  Department of Education petitions LUC for exemption from building an overpass or underpass at new Kihei High School
   89.  Live Candidate forum this Tuesday (9/15/20) at 6:30 PM FOR SOUTH MAUI& KAHULUI
   90.  UPDATE * *KCA DRC hears about proposed 100% affordable senior rentals in South Kihei
   91.  Your questions can be answered about Temptation Island Project this WED at 6PM
   92.  NOW Seven County Charter Amendments On The NOV Ballot
   93.  Heona Place in North Kihei is a Safe Community
   94.  North Kihei Affordable Housing Properties Accepting Applications
   95.  Reef Etiquette Signs Still Educating South Maui Beach Goers After Ten Years
   96.  VOTING BEFORE AUGUST 8, 2020
   97.  CANCELED 7/31—Issued: Brown Water Advisory, Island of Maui
   99.  Hawaii’s Land Use Commission is Unusual Among the States
   100.  County Council Candidates Respond to KCA Concerns

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