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   47.  Piilani Promenade (AKA MegaMall) FEIS June 2017
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   1.  Do you know what the heck this new empty building is up mauka of the Highway on Lipoa???
   2.  Civil Beat Popup Newsroom at Kihei Library April 19, 2024
   3.  What do you know about the Pacific Disaster Center?
   4.  Work underway filling the puka on South Kihei Road just North of the “temporary bridge” spanning Kūlanihāko‘i Stream
   5.  South Kihei Road Closed this weekend (4/6 – 4/8/24)!
   6.  We are doing something about cesspools in South Maui, but it is a statewide problem
   7.  Maui County Com Connect
   8.  South Maui Budget Meeting April 11, 2024
   9.  Hawaii’s Firefighting Leaders Share Their Lessons
   10.  KCA General Meeting on March 19 2024 with Mayor Bissen
   11.  Ready, Set, Go! Wildfire Preparedness Brochure
   12.  KAOI 1110AM Rebroadcast Wednesday, March 27 at 7:06AM
   13.  Myths and Facts About Watering the South Maui Desert
   14.  Road repairs on South Kihei Road from January 2024 mud flood continue this week
   15.  Why can’t we get the North South Collector Road across Kihei or just in North Kihei?
   16.  Mayor Bissen Delivers State of the County Address 3/15/2024
   19.  Emergency Preparedness Workshop March 16 at 8am
   20.  Free Walking Tours in Kīhei!
   21.  South Maui District Rep on the Maui Planning Commission
   22.  FREE vet care for dogs & cats at Kalama Park this MONDAY 3/11 starting at 900 AM
   23.  Will THIS help with the mudfloods in North Kihei?
   24.  South Maui Vision Zero Week Recap
   25.  Need to Remove Debris from Kīhei Beaches
   26.  Council Member Cook Presents South Maui Town Hall 2/29/2024
   27.  Mayor Bissen Joining KCA Public Meeting 3/19
   28.  UPDATE 2/09 ROAD OPENED!! with the North Kihei mud flooding?
   29.  It is a different source, but North Kihei gets yet more flooding
   30.  Talk Story on Our Food Systems
   31.  Maui Friends of the Library to open additional nonprofit bookstore in Kīhei
   32.  Cesspool replacement plan for Maui Meadows
   33.  King resigns from Board of Directors to run for So Maui Seat on County Council
   34.  Maui MPO announces Vision 0 week next month
   35.  Canceled! No KCA public meeting 1/16/2024!
   36.  Major project proposed to protect Kīhei with green belts and firebreaks
   37.  More flooding January 16, 2024
   38.  Ch Ch Ch Changes for 2024 officers at KCA
   39.  Once again, North Kihei is flooded
   41.  Public Works (DPW) working for public fire safety in Kihei
   42.  KCA in 2024 kicks off the new year with an old topic – New housing for current residents
   43.  Kihei’s “Holiday” Whale
   44.  County work in Waipuilani stream gulch
   45.  Bridge vs Box Culvert spanning stream gulches in Kihei
   46.  Final 2023 membership meeting on hot topic has low turnout
   47.  WILDFIRE PREVENTION WORKING GROUP Draft Report November 1, 2023
   48.  Constantly improving the North Kihei Intersection of Kenolio Rd. and Alulike St
   49.  Tell the State Dept. of Transportation your safety concerns on and around the Pi’ilani Highway
   50.  Senior Affordable Rental Housing Coming to Central Kihei
   51.  Mayor and team come to Kihei to hear from community; residents do not show up
   52.  Kihei’s Mud Floods have not dried up
   53.  South Maui CPAC 11/1/2023 – Plan Adoption
   54.  High School Overpass Open House
   55.  HDOE public meeting regarding the KHS overpass set for Oct 25
   56.  South Maui CPAC 10/23/2023 – Final Plan Review and Possible Adoptions
   57.  South Maui CPAC 10/18/2023 – Final Plan Review and Possible Adoptions
   58.  South Maui CPAC 10/16/2023 – Overall Map Review and Area Description Review
   59.  Malama the Trees
   60.  What steps do you support for better emergency responses?
   61.  Maui Green and Beautiful Newsletter and Event
   62.  South Maui CPAC 10/11/2023 – Overall Map Review and Area Description Review
   63.  Are you interested in being FIREWISE?
   64.  South Maui CPAC 9/6/2023 – Overall Map Review and Area Description Review
   65.  South Maui CPAC on Strike
   66.  Outreach Meeting on the Waiakapū-Waiakoa Watershed Management Plan 9/26/2023
   67.  First general membership meeting in new facility
   68.  Community Discussion – How Do We Prevent Another Fire Disaster?
   69.  South Maui CPAC 9/20/2023 – Policy Review and Action Review
   70.  South Maui Council Member Cook Invites to Town Hall 9/25/2023
   71.  Wailea Golf Invites to Survey on Plans
   72.  KCA Public Meeting – How to Prevent a Fire Disaster in South Maui?
   73.  South Maui CPAC 9/13/2023 – Subarea Description and Policy Review
   74.  Ready Set Go – Fire Action Guide
   75.  South Maui CPAC 9/6/2023 – Overall Map Review and Area Description Review
   76.  Will Kihei Be Next? Wildfire mitigation and control is topic on 9/19/23 at 6:30 PM
   77.  KCA and the Maui Food Bank (MFB)
   78.  South Maui CPAC 8/30/2023 – Honua‘ula and Overall Map Review
   79.  How do we prevent wildfires from destroying Kīhei?
   80.  When speed limit increases from 10 to 30 MPH approaching an intersection
   81.  Busy Afternoon at Maui Humane Society
   82.  Make your voice heard!
   83.  KCA IS MOVING!!! our general membership meeting location for 9/19/23 6:30 PM
   84.  North Kihei dodged a bullet or a flamethrower
   85.  Over 100 resident Maui Island cyclists turn out to honor fellow fallen cyclist Volker Weiss
   86.  Day 1, Aug 7 for the new High School in North Kihei
   87.  Walk, Don’t Walk to the new high school in North Kihei on Monday
   88.  Maui News Report on North-South Collector Road
   89.  What happened to the Community Plan Committee meetings?
   91.  South Maui CPAC 7/19/2023 – Map Review
   92.  UPDATE 7/11/23- South Maui CPAC – no meetings 6/28 or 7/5
   93.  Welakaho Village Subdivision Community Meeting 7/20/2023
   94.  Now we have the $$$ for next segment of North South Collector Road
   95.  Ernie Renzents’ Celebration of Life – July 16, 2023, 3-6 pm
   96.  Ernie Rezents Celebration of Life July 15, 2023
   97.  South Maui Bike Ride Saturday July 15
   98.  Storm Sediment Removal Mauka of Highway
   99.  Renters Talk Story
   100.  Mā‘alaea History Book Is Here
   101.  South Maui CPAC 6/21/2023 – Honua‘ula / Wailea 670
   102.  What is PARK MAUI and how will it affect South Maui?
   103.  Hale o Pi‘ikea development and Hawaii Community Foundation
   104.  Maui Residents Fight To Save Kihei’s Last Wetlands
   105.  South Maui CPAC 6/14/2023 – Mākena and ‘Āhihi Kīna‘u
   106.  Article in Maui News today 6/10/23 The numerous benefits of trees
   107.  Concerned trio conduct lively interactive gathering at bird sanctuary
   108.  South Maui CPAC 5/31/2023 – Mākena and ‘Āhihi Kīna‘u
   109.  Third Membership meeting (2nd in-person) in 2023
   110.  South Maui CPAC 5/24/2023 – South Kīhei and Wailea
   111.  South Maui District Council Representative Tom Cook Town Hall 5/15/23
   112.  Maui Ride of Silence – May 20, 2023
   113.  South Maui CPAC 5/17/2023 – North Kīhei
   114.  KCA Public Meeting May 16, 2023
   115.  South Maui Council Member Tom Cook Invites to Town Hall 5/15/2023
   116.  South Maui CPAC 5/10/2023 – North Kīhei
   117.  South Maui CPAC 5/3/2023 – North Kīhei
   118.  New Sound System for May 16 General Membership Meeting
   119.  South Maui CPAC 4/26/2023 – Mā‘alaea
   120.  Groundwork occuring this morning at rental housing site on Pi’ikea
   121.  South Maui CPAC 4/19/2023 – Land Owner Presentations
   122.  Sunflower Farm Music Fest 4/22/2023
   123.  The critical collector road—Maui News Editorial April 8 2023
   124.  South Maui CPAC 4/12/2023 – Review All Policies and Actions
   125.  South Maui CPAC 4/5/2023 – Review All Policies and Actions
   127.  Watershed Restoration Meeting March 28th 2023, 3:00 p.m.
   128.  Nature-based Solutions for Coastal Erosion – 4/6/2023
   129.  Huge turnout as we returned to in-person membership meeting on 3/21/23
   130.  South Maui CPAC 3/29/2023 – Review All Policies and Actions
   131.  Farm to Table in South Maui
   132.  Community Budget Meeting in Kihei April 10, 2023
   133.  Applications Available for Kaiāulu O Halele‘a
   134.  South Maui CPAC 3/22/2023 – Transportation
   135.  Farewell Pandemic Imposed Hiatus!
   136.  South Maui CPAC 3/15/2023 – Ready and Resilient Systems
   137.  Kihei Public Library now open
   138.  Lawmakers Consider More Funding To Make Hawaii’s Streets Safer
   139.  A safer bikelane on a roadway
   140.  KCA Design Review Committee does site visit of proposed Kihei Mauka Lands
   141.  South Maui CPAC 3/8/2023 – Watershed Management and Resilient Systems
   142.  South Maui State Legislator Community Talk Story March 6, 2023
   143.  Proposed Solutions to Address Coastal Flooding in Kulanihakoi and Waipuilani
   144.  What happens at General Membership meetings does not stay there
   145.  South Maui CPAC 3/1/2023 – Wahi Kūpuna and Watershed Management
   146.  South Maui CPAC 2/22/2023 – Watershed Management
   147.  Permaculture for drainage management
   148.  South Maui CPAC 2/15/2023 – Watershed Management
   149.  What NOW with the high school in Kihei? LUC meeting is 2/9/23 at KCC
   150.  South Maui CPAC 2/8/2023 – Wahi Kūpuna and Historic Properties
   151.  Kūlanihākoʻi Gulch maintenance in Kīhei starts Feb. 13
   152.  “Homelessness” meeting this morning brings out mostly organization guys
   153.  South Maui CPAC 2/1/2023 – Watershed Management
   154.  Take the State Highway SAFETY Community Survey
   155.  Up Next at South Maui CPAC 1/25/2023 – Watershed Management
   156.  Greening South Maui – Recording of Public Meeting 1/17/2023
   157.  Up Next at South Maui CPAC 1/18/2023 – Climate Change and Resiliency
   158.  KCA Position on Safe Access to New High School
   159.  Greening South Maui – KCA Public Meeting January 17
   161.  ***CANCELED!!!Next CPAC meeting WED 1/11/23 at 530 PM at Malcolm Center in R & T Park
   162.  South Maui CPAC 1/4/2023 to Continue with Transportation
   163.  Vision Zero – Eliminating Traffic Deaths in Jersey City
   164.  Chaos With New Kihei Roundabout
   165.  Topic for South Maui CPAC 12/21/2022 – Transportation
   166.  South Maui CPAC meeting 12/21 at the Kihei Community Center
   167.  Ledcor’s Public Scoping Meeting for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for South Maui new development
   168.  New South Maui State Senator offers live communication with our community
   169.  How to get the kids safely to the new high school
   170.  South Maui CPAC meeting 12/14 at the Malcom Center
   171.  UPDATE: Hale Kaiola Housing Construction Continues with Infrastructure
   172.  South Maui CPAC meeting 12/7 at the Kihei Community Center
   173.  The South Maui Community Plan – Now is our Chance!
   174.  What can be done to get the next segment of the North South Collector Road constructed in N. Kihei in a reasonable time?
   175.  Become a Honu Hero
   176.  Meet KCA’s Wiliwili Warriors
   177.  US Traffic Safety is Getting Worse
   178.  Getting to the other side of the Pi’ilani Hwy in North Kihei
   179.  KCA questions candidates for four Council positions
   180.  Maui News Weekend Editorial Grades the State Dept of Education
   181.  How Kihei got Kamaole Point Park
   182.  Stand Up For Kihei — Become a Board Member for 2023
   183.  Serious Pedestrian Injury on South Kihei Road
   184.  Was the Open House 9,8,7 or 6,5,4 years too late? DOE waited almost a decade on child safety action.
   185.  Maui County Council Candidates Answer South Maui Questions
   186.  County work at Waipuilani River gulch and North-South Collector Road
   187.  FINALLY!! Action on Keawakapū Beach Parking
   188.  Road Diets, Bicycle Trains, and Walking Audits Can Transform Your Neighborhood
   189.  Local media coverage on one item in Council Committee meeting
   190.  South Maui Community Plan (SMCP) update
   191.  Administration Failure! Liloa Drive Road Painting Needed For Safety
   192.  Affordable Lottery held today at Ikaika Ohana’s Kaiwahine Village for their second rental project in R&T Park to open at end of year
   193.  After almost TEN YEARS the Dept of Education (DOE) is doing “something” concerning the legally required safe crossing of the Pi’ilani Hwy
   194.  APPLY NOW!!! Kaiāulu O Halele’a construction quickly progressing
   195.  Incorrect date for next candidate forum appeared in our 8/1/22 newsletter
   196.  See the South Maui Senate Candidates on PBS 7/28
   197.  Ballot for 2022 primary is out to your mail box now. Start examining it so you can mail it by Aug 6
   198.  The grove on S. Kihei Road remains in place
   199.  Meet the State candidates for South Maui
   200.  Violation in North Kihei

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