What is going on at the Maui Lu Resort these days?

Nobody here but us chickens

4/9/18 #kihei
Honestly, we ceased asking. We were originally advised work would begin in January 2016. Nothing. We received additional advice that year it would be soon, in a few months, then whoops January 2017.

Nope. Did not happen. Similar response in 2017 – had a delay, but set now, etc, then whoops January, 2018. NADA. Now it is April.

We had been told funding was originally lost but they had a new financial setup in place. Maybe they can’t get financing? Maybe someone looked and said the area is consistently flooded from the mountain, and here comes sea level rise, so why invest there? Maybe something else?
One thing for sure – it has gone to the birds.


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3 Responses to “What is going on at the Maui Lu Resort these days?”

  1. Leave it as is. Who needs the traffic?

  2. A park would be nice.

  3. Indeed; we agree it would be very nice. It already has numerous spectacular mature trees n place