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   43.  How is Building in Kihei Different?
   44.  The Design Review Process
   45.  Developers
   46.  List of Exemplary Projects in Kihei
   47.  Piilani Promenade (AKA MegaMall) FEIS June 2017
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   1.  THIS EVENING! DLNR Industrial and Business Park in Our District – Public Meeting this Month in Kihei
   2.  KCA in Maui News
   3.  A visual aesthetic monstrosity in North Kihei
   4.  THE PANIAKA RESTORATION GOLF TOURNAMENT Sunday August 20 at Makena Golf
   5.  Arborist Committee comes to Kihei for Kihei’s trees
   6.  SAC AT HIHWNMS In Kihei On August 16, 2017
   7.  UPDATE*** Groundbreaking this month. County Council Says YES to Kihei Gym
   8.  Walking and Talking along South Kihei Road Friday Morning
   9.  READ DECISION HERE–DAY TWO: LUC Decision sends strong Unanimous Message on Piilani Promenade FEIS
   10.  Pete Sullivan recycling project approved today at County Planning Commission
   11.  THEY’RE BACK!!!
   12.  LUC Votes 6-0 not accepting Piilani Promenade FEIS
   13.  Mayoral Candidate Victorino and Makena Resort discussion with Alliance
   14.  UPDATE–UNANIMOUSLY SAYS NO–State Land Use Commission (LUC) hearing on Wed/Thurs re Pi’ilani Promenade, AKA Mega Mall
   15.  DPW pre storm. action in North Kihei on Monday
   16.  Which section of South Kihei Road is most dangerous? VOTE!
   17.  UPDATE Is this ”IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT?” especially at a cost of over half a million dollars?!!!
   18.  IN KIHEI, 8/9** Maui County Arborist Committee focus on proposed removal of trees at KCC
   19.  Video of the Testimony on the Pi’ilani Promenade FEIS
   21.  Trees in Kihei and the County Arborist Committee meeting on 8/9/17
   22.  Help ensure South Maui near-shore waters are safe?
   23.  Best Management Practices (BMP) Workshop August 24
   25.  Free Screening of “Chasing Coral” in Kihei Thursday Evening
   26.  What’s up with these large proposed building projects in Kihei? Inquiring members want to know.
   27.  KCA Community meeting Tuesday 7/18 examines South Maui future
   28.  What Happened Here??
   29.  How to Grow Food and Make a Living on Maui!
   30.  Our Design Review Committee (DRC) Receives New Development Info
   31.  COMConnect app to report County issues
   32.  Second Quarterly KCA Meeting with Kelly King keeps everyone “in the loop”
   34.  Kihei Drainage Plan – Will it resolve our flooding and runoff problems?
   35.  State Agency Meeting on Marine Water Testing Almost Ignored Last Evening
   36.  What do you do with Ahihi Kina’u now?
   37.  Wait. WHAT??? WITHDRAW!!South Maui Gardens Project gets required Planning Commission approval to proceed
   38.  Maui MPO Policy Board Meeting Thursday
   39.  WHAT ELSE is happening around Kulanihakoi River Gulch?
   40.  Do you know what they are researching out there? Or is that even what is going on?
   41.  Two state officials who may be Maui Council Mayoral Candidates spoke to the Community Associations
   42.  UPDATE *****DRC examines new Central Kïhei Project this week.
   43.  Update- more time allowed. Tell the State to Safeguard our Marine Water Quality and Condition
   44.  Community Plan Update to commence in July, 2018 per Department Director Spence
   45.  Oneloa Coalition Meeting Thursday Afternoon
   46.  MPO TAC works on interim long-range transportation plan
   47.  Update from our friends at GROW SOME GOOD
   48.  Can you identify this sign?
   49.  We offer support for two proposals at this morning’s County Council Planning Committee
   50.  Higher taxes, fees, surcharges, tariffs to directly benefit your local community? Or how else?
   51.  Greenway from SKR up to and under Pi’ilani Highway discussion continues at KCA office this morning.
   52.  UPDATE–“Losing Our Dark, Losing Our Seabirds – Finding Solutions” Seatalk at MOC Thursday Evening
   53.  Kula makai moku and KCA reps meeting with the So Maui Councilmember Kelly King to discuss regional flooding and drainage issues this afternoon
   54.  Senator Roz Baker concentrates on DOH high school in Kihei
   55.  Are all those trees at Community Center to be chopped? Let’s check before removing
   56.  Hawaii Farmers Union United (HFUU) to meet in Kihei June 8, 2017
   57.  UPDATE**What about sunscreen containing oxybenzone ? Would you use it when in the ocean? Is it harmful to coral? Are there reasonable alternatives? Should there be legislative action?
   58.  Maui MPO Board continues to work on solidifying its structure
   59.  Maui Bicycle League South Maui bike ride June 17 at 9 AM
   60.  Are we still hungry? Even more places to eat coming to central Kihei
   61.  Work Continues on Downtown Kihei commercial project along Pi’ikea
   62.  Community Associations provide input on Title 19 “Zoning Code Audit” Friday Afternoon
   63.  Do we protect our Hawksbill Turtles in Maui?
   64.  Invitation to attend 2nd Community Workshop on Source Water Protection for Maui County’s AG sector
   65.  David Goode brings out the community on Tuesday evening unveiling Kihei Drainage Master Plan at KCA meeting
   66.  Sen Baker at Kihei Charter School 5/25/17 at 530 PM
   67.  Kihei Charter School’s New High School Under Construction
   69.  Hearing postponed! KCA says North Kihei needs more housing, not more commercial space
   70.  Community appreciates Council Member Atay listening to & encouraging us
   71.  Is it really a “Public Hearing” if no one from the public speaks ?
   72.  Community Painting Days at Lokelani Intermediate School May 16 and 17
   73.  See the proposed Kalama Skate Park improvements on Wednesday, May 24
   74.  More on Lokelani mural project
   75.  Student mural project at Lokelani needs your support
   76.  Volunteers needed this week for Grow Some Good pizza festivals
   77.  Council makes right decision to restrict sale of polystyrene food containers
   78.  Kaniela Ing offers 2017 Ledge compilation
   80.  Triple Turtles Resting in Front of the HIHWNMS Today
   81.  Alliance will begin sixth year next month
   82.  David Goode to be welcomed (again) at General Membership Meeting May 16
   83.  It is raining, (or NOT) this intersection must be flooded, right?
   84.  KCA testifies to Council’s Budget & Finance Committee on South Maui items of concern
   85.  Kamaole Grand approved at Planning Commission for SMA Permit Request – KCA ask for conditions not granted
   86.  South Maui Rep Kaniela Ing in Kihei this Saturday morning
   87.  1000! attend Congressional Representative for Maui, Tulsi Gabbard, Town Hall Meeting
   88.  Public Invited to Kalama Skate Park Design Workshop this Wednesday at KCC
   89.  Who is that taking State DOH CWB marine water samples along Kihei Beaches??
   90.  UPDATE D of A hearing—Can Industrial Hemp be Grown in South Maui? Opinions vary.
   91.  County Liquor Control Commission is out of control
   92.  Do you know this guy? Can you ID?
   93.  Groundswell of community outrage around booze expansion leads to call for peaceful protest this Tuesday afternoon
   94.  The Effects of Climate Change in Hawaii: Dr Chip Fletcher
   95.  Hearing is this MONDAY at 9:00 AM Council sends Gym to committee. KCA testified to County Council for Kihei Gym on Friday.
   96.  County Government Officials Show Very Strong Presence at Our Green Meeting
   97.  Council’s LUC Committee says go to the land for “Wellness” proposed project on Wednesday afternoon
   98.  Visiting educator/attorney dedicates an evening of his Maui vacation to infom concerned residents on climate change
   100.  A Trio of Free events this week in S. Maui concerning items of KCA concern, climate change, bicycling and coral reefs. Seize the opportunity!

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