Segment of SKR will be one way (north) very soon! CANCELLED!!


Department of Public Works (DPW) Director David Goode announced today (7/23/13) that while the plans to replace the box culvert” bridge” on South Kihei Road (SKR) proceed, continued deterioration of the structure is forcing emergency action, resulting in diverting all southbound vehicles on SKR at Ka’ono’ulu to the Pi’ilani Highway, likely in the next few weeks. The condition will likely persist for months until the planned temporary bridge can be installed. Thus one of the only two North- South through roads will funnel  into one for all southbound vehicles for months, and the looming scenario is if the entire crossing is deemed unsafe, this would expand to northbound traffic as well.

Some are asking why was the nearly century old structure allowed to reach this critical point before necessary action is taken. While that is debated, KCA is encouraging that the county use signage beginning on North Kihei Road to alert drivers to go directly to the Pi’ilani Hwy southbound, rather than begin using the three residential through streets, Uwapo, Ohukai and Kaonoulu with this large volume of cars, trucks and buses.

The July 16 KCA community meeting had just addressed this impending project. See


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