The Next Bike Path for Kihei: Waipuilani- WHEN? 2018!!!

(APR 24, 2012) As the community enjoys the just completed bike path makai of Liloa between Lipoa Street and Waipuilani Road, Public Works Director David Goode has announced his department is set to begin construction of the Waipulani bike path running North from Waipuilani Park fronting the ocean to Kulanihakoi Rd. The funding totaling $1.6 M is in the admistration’s budget set to take effect July 1, 2012, so long as the County council approves, and actual construction would take place  in 2014. KCA requests a more prompt beginning, rather than an 18 month delay.

At times there is public confusion about this picturesque oceanfront park caused by proximity to Maui Sunset Condo Resort, but the park and its tennis courts and tree studded wide grass areas running to the sand are indeed public access, as will be the bikeway once constructed.

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23 Responses to “The Next Bike Path for Kihei: Waipuilani- WHEN? 2018!!!”

  1. too bad. One of the few undeveloped beach parks in Kihei.

  2. what’s so bad about it? i think its a great idea, that way everyone can enjoy this park even people in wheelchairs and babies in strollers don’t you think?

  3. I guess it may be perception, but to me six tennis courts is a lot of “development”
    I see all the parks north of this one as the remaining least developed from Kalepolepo on to NKR

  4. Burton Tamarra April 26, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    I’m a visitor from NorCal Valley. With all the beautiful scenery here in Kihei, a bike path would be an awesome addition. After dinner family walks/rides…..priceless.

  5. Catherine Milne April 27, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    One would think that responsible public planners would first of all take care of the problem with continual flooding that takes place along the streets in this area before spending scarce tax dollars on a concrete bicycle path It was our understanding from meeting with the DNLR that the State Preserve was to be left in its natural state including paths.

  6. I live there, and a bike path would be nice. But $1.6 million? Is someone nuts!!! Is this going to have 47 cutsie street lights like the just-completed bike path? This is OUR money being spent (wasted). Let’s build a minimalistic bike path, not like the 12 foot wide monstrosity up by Safeway. What are these anyway, monuments to someone’s ego?

  7. I hope they don’t install lights… they would obstruct the natural views, cause light pollution, and invite vegrants.

  8. I live by Waipuilani Park and would love a bike path so I can be more independent and ride into town on my electric wheelchair/scooter. Visitors and bikers risk their lives walking along S. Kihei Road into town, using both sides of the road. There should not be lights along the ocean, though. We have sea turtle nests and sea birds where lights will confuse them and put them in real danger by drawing them away from the ocean. Please, please…NO lights on a path in Waipuilani Park.

  9. I would hope those expressing opinions here will also contact Don Couch, and David Goode, to advise what you believe. It is their job to do what the people want, & your taxes pay them to do so.

  10. i know lights would have issues with the turtles and sea birds since its so close to the ocean but no lights at night would mean maybe crime in the area?? i think peoples safety comes first don’t you think? or are the animals more important then a innocent person walking in the dark who gets robbed?? i’d say have the lights but maybe have them turn off at 11pm instead of being on all night like regular street lights.

  11. Before any bike path is made why don’t you have the county take over the responsibilty of the park??? The county has never watered this park or even mowed it. The condo’s along this park have maintained it for over 40 years with out any help from the county. Where’s the mahalo to them for all of the expense that they have put out!!!!!

  12. Before spending 1.6 Million on a bike pathway, PLEASE bring the R1 water line (now at E Waipuilani Rd) across Kihei Rd toWaipuilani Park. Condos: Maui Sunset,
    Waipuilani, Leinaala, Maui Schooner,

    Instead of spending the 1.6 million for the bike path, PLEASE bring the R1 water line across Kihei Rd.(the line is now at E.Waipuilani Rd.) to Waipuilani Park.

    The condos: Maui Sunset, Waipuilani, Leinaala,Maui Schooner, Luana Kai,Koa Lagoon, have been paying fresh water/sewer rates since the seventies. In addition to mowing, fertilizng,replacing sprinkler heads, Trimming palm, monkeypod, and other trees in the park. The County took over the trimming only about 2 years ago.

    Fixing the flooding of S.Kihei Rd. is anotherproject that needs attending before putting in bke path.

  13. As an avid bicycle rider I see no need in spending 1.6 million to build a bike path through a beautiful green park when South Kihei Rd. already has bike lanes in both directions. There isn’t enough bike traffic to warrant 1.6 Million to bicycle riders. I agree with the last 2 comments re: R1 water to Waipuilani Park. The county should take care of their own ‘county’ park. If those awesome condo’s on Waipuilani decide to stop watering & mowing the grass, as they have done for over 40 years, with their own money, the proposed bike path will not look so pretty. This is a total waste of your money when S. Kihei floods. Emergency vehicle cannot use a bike path. Bring R1 water to Waipuilani Park – that’s a better investment of our money. Mahalo

  14. Aloha,
    This bike path has been in the plans since the late 1990’s/early 2000’s and was first identified in the Maui County or South Maui Long Range Transporational Plan many years ago. It will be Federally Funded through TEA-21 Transportation Enhancements monies on a 80/20 cost share basis and that has been locked in for the past few years. The higher than normal costs are in part due to the stream crossing and shoreline management technical issues.

    Those who want the R1 water should work with the County Wastewater Division, Don Couch, Geroge Fontaine, etc to find ways and monies to pay for this upgrade.

  15. Re Linda’s comments about riding her electric wheelchair/scooter to “town” — I thought the Waipuilani bike path proposal was to go North from Waipuilani Rd. Yes? No? I also don’t think it should be over-lit (light pollution). I like that Waipuilani Park is passive and not developed -we need passive park areas.

  16. James E B Jennings December 5, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    I love to get out of the car and bike whenever possible. The Waipulani Bike Path, as I understand it, will eventually be linked via oceanside streets and bike paths to Kalama Park. And will help keep pedestrians safe and offer a healthy alternatives to our gas guzzlers, while reducing the congestion in our overly crowded streets. I’m gratefull to all that are helping make this plan a reality.

  17. Victoria A. Huffman, P.E. March 27, 2013 at 9:32 am

    Concerning the mayor’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 (which begins July 1, 2013), it appears the mayor is proposing to spend $0 for this project in FY 2014 and a total of $1.6 million ($320,000 from the Bikeway Fund and 1,280,000 from Federal funds) for this project from FY 2015 – FY 2019. Refer to PDF Page 2 from the following weblink:

    Of course, Council has yet to approve this proposal.

    Victoria A. Huffman, P.E.
    Kihei, HI

  18. So…..was there $ in the mayors budget for this bikeway?Personally I hope not as I use this park alot and enjoy that it is a “passive park”,relatively undeveloped one of the few left in Kihei. Also this seems to be a luxury project we cant afford at this time.

  19. Take a look at the outrageously expensive bike path on Liloa Street. How much bike traffic does it get? Almost none! Why? Because it goes nowhere. That is what would happen at Waipuilani Park. If you are going to have a bike path, make it minimalistic and have it go somewhere. Such as from Ma’alaea to Wailea. Then people would use it.

  20. I agree with Al…. make it minimalistic and have it go from Ma’alaea to
    Wailea – NO LIGHTS (no night-time traffic of any kind thru our neighborhoods please) ….. Waipuilani Park is a wonderful, passive, QUIET park — please leave it that way – residents & users alike will thank you. No need to be out after dark in the park!!!!! No need to install anything that will block the beautiful views from the lawns, NO NEED to fix what ain’t broken!

    And, by the way — strollers and wheelchairs already use Waipuilani Park. My deceased neighbor was a parapalegic who went to that park every day in his electric wheelchair. The grass is mowed and easy to navigate. I also was told that the County took care of the green belt mainetenance — not the condo

  21. I have a dear friend on W. Waipuilani who’s home has been flooded at least 4 times. I mean water up to your mid-calf throughout the house. Each time she did a major (pain) renovation and fortunately still has insurance. Thinking back, I realized there are no less than FOUR possible flooding scenarios: ocean tsunami, sewer or water-line break along So Kihei Rd, torrential downpour (rare), or a ‘surge’ from a heavy upcountry rain that roars down the mountain. This makes the odds Inevitable:0 for a next one. Maybe the ongoing problem is passed over because it’s infrequent enough and there are no mitigating ideas feasible for the county or the homeowners. But if they appear I agree with Ms. Milne and E.J. Bond that the $1.6M should go to funding it or to studying the problem for ideas, even to attenuate or protect against one of the possibilities.

  22. Those who are concerned about flooding in Kihei seemingly would be interested in the “drainage master plan for Kihei,” which will come from the County Department of Public Works, hopefully before end of this year. KCA has been pressing for that document for years.See KCA’s position paper on SW Maui stormwater management

  23. To correct some misconceptions, Waipuilani Park does NOT end at the Waipuilani ditch. It extends north of the ditch, continuing behind KAUHALE MAKAI resort. Our AOAO mows the lawn and pays for coconut tree trimming, as all the other condos between us and Maui Sunset have been doing for 40 years. We get periodically flooded just like the other South Kihei Rd resorts. We need flood control and R1 water priorities, but I still hope for a bike path through the park, one WITHOUT lighting. To Judi, walkers/bikers/wheelchairs from all these condos will be able to get to town by going south on the proposed bike path to Uluniu Rd to get to Azeka Center. Right now, I’m home-bound until the proposed Waipuilani path is a reality. What a fun day that will be!