Makani acts while man deliberates in North Kihei

UPDATE 6/15/13. When KCA met with Sarofim Realty Advisers on June 4 and communicated that a strong segment of our community felt the black “wall” dust construction fence should be removed from Pi’ilani mauka while the entire proposed project was being considered, they replied they would not take this action. But ah, once again, Makani does not heed these decisions, and has again taken down a new portion of it just south of Kaonoulu.


UPDATE:  Repairs to the “dust fence” at the site began yesterday (2/19/13) by Goodfellow Brothers.

While the State Land Use Commission plans for deliberations on the next action for that portion of Kihei land mauka of the Pi’ilani Hwy near Kaonoulu, Paka’a acted this afternoon (2/17/13), taking out a portion of the job site construction black screeing just north of Kaonoulu intersection, mauka on the Pi’ilani Highway.

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2 Responses to “Makani acts while man deliberates in North Kihei”

  1. Just say wind like a normal person who speaks english so that we all understand. Stop trying to talk Hawaiian, if your gonna speak Hawaiian then write it out in Hawaiian don’t half ass it. Thanks.

  2. Aloha Anonymous,

    `ôlelo Hawai`i `oe?
    E `olu `olu, e `ôlelo Hawai`i
    “I mohala no ka lehua i ke ke’ekehi ‘ia e ka ua.”
    O ka `ôlelo ke ka`a; O Ka Mauli
    E ola mau ka `ôlelo Hawai`i!
    E hana me ka ha`aha`a.