Meet some “first time” candidates from South Maui

While we can’t have all the primary election races covered, we are looking at three key offices and examining a number of issues of major concern to our community. We welcomed incumbents Sen. Roz Baker, Rep Kaniela Ing and Council-member Don Couch to last month’s meeting. Now on July 15, we will have the 3 challengers for So. Maui County Council, John Fitzpatrick, Robin Knox and Jerome Metcalfe. On the State level it is Terez Amato for Senate and Marie Minichio for House. Our membership can decide their choice for the Aug 9. election.




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3 Responses to “Meet some “first time” candidates from South Maui”

  1. Hello, I’m Candidate, $50.00 Member, particiapant in 6-15-14, & recent 7-15-14 “meet The Candidates, That Said Since the Sign in List, or Member list is the Associations, And I assume the Members to access, I wish to have, or you Pat Stillman to go thru that list to locate the 4 People at 7-15-14 Meeting as you, Mike where thaere There isn’t that many people to go thru, since you know by Face, relationship, whom where the two Parties on upper, level that Were Video-Taping, and the Three people That had Tabs, for Ms. Amato that were videotaping as They had to sign in with phones, Etc contact Info, For the copys or individual access to get a copy, to add to my elect etc….. this is Request Reply plez.
    Also in case of Actually really not knowing of the peeps allowed in and Videoing us. as Sen. Roz Baker spoke with some And I believe Mr. Rep Ing, Id call the approx. 60 attendees if you cant assist in this disclosure as member, as candidate as within my and your Scope to public transparentcy I again await, Respond by Mon. 7-21,2014, or disclosure access will be Certified Mailed in response to our campaigns as we were the ones on stage, as consensus to review… I await respectfully…,.Again I need lists to Call those in that front doored signed in or checked off allowed in so accountable.

  2. As 6-15-14, and observed by all of Mike Moran’s speaking but as people spoke, what he does…..Take pictures , I’d like Pics of me up on stage, also as A group seated as candidates for Q&A’s, but more importantly the views of the Crowd we all seen him take , Ms Pat Stillman…..So We can utilize those pic’s to locate the Identitys of the ones filming within Mikes Pictures taken…so It should be No problem, then to get Whom was Video-taping, so I and other candidates may possibly utilize for there election purpose or virtue ! Reply as all dialogs to you Copied for formal Inquiry… Plez., assist in this effort respectfully
    Jerome “Jerry” Tiger” Metcalfe @ or Phone at 808-344-3918, I can have Device to download on or a E-mail transfer to me or Pic transfer to Smart phone Thanx…Anticapating Quick response by 7-21-14 this No-Brainer

  3. I witnessed Metcalfe’s little meltdown along with several other people when he was being discharged from the hospital. Seriously, is this someone you want representing you?