Kihei Residents Say No To Outlet Malls – Maui Time

by Anthony Pignataro

Every now and then, I get reminded of the cold fact that in the United States of America, those in positions of power (elected officials, industrialists, land developers, etc.) see us normal people as nothing more than “consumers.” That’s all we are to them: drones who spend their lives buying ever-more sophisticated goods and services. Our economy depends on that characterization. If we stop consuming, then they stop producing and pretty soon Lenin is in charge (or something similarly apocalyptic).

I can’t find any other way to explain the contempt that lobbyist (sorry: “liaison for the projects”) Charlie Jencks seemed to exude in the June 21 Maui News story “Groups dig in against mega malls in S. Maui.”

A growing coalition of people (led by groups like Maui Tomorrow, who are threatening a lawsuit) in South Maui hate the idea that Irvine-based Eclipse Development Group is planning on building a 300,000-square foot shopping center on 30 acres and another 450,000-square foot “retail complex” on 68 acres just mauka of Piilani Highway at Kaonoulu Street in Kihei.

They look at documents like the Kihei Community Plan and don’t see anything like that kind of development anywhere in South Maui (the land is currently zoned “light industrial”), and they get scared about all the noise, traffic and pollution such a project will bring (state Senator Roz Baker has already written a semi-nasty letter to the state Land Use Commission asking them to stop the project because it violates the Kihei Community Plan). But old Charlie “Wailea 670” Jencks, who is shepherding the Eclipse projects through the state and county permitting projects, just wants us to all get along and support the deal.


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6 Responses to “Kihei Residents Say No To Outlet Malls – Maui Time”

  1. Consumer drones, yep sounds about right!

    Well CONSUMER THIS CALIFORNIA, I can count all the stuff I’ve bought in the last 10 years! MEANING I don’t CONSUME much and it’s the way I like my island, get it?

    So we can all start getting along when CALIFORNIA PACKS it’s BAGS and get’s on the PLANE and FLYS back —> EAST!!!

    SAVE Maui and STOP BUILDING!!!


  2. Think Big – like the moderator of this board. You have the power to censor posts and publish the ones you approve. It’s yours and you can do with it as you wish. That’s America. Migrate that concept to land. It belongs to somebody and they can get it approved to do what they want with it. I hope this post passes ‘Moderation’ and I don’t have to get a liason.

  3. this is to das, what are you talking about protect the land?? protect what?? dead keawe trees?? dry grass?? and dirt?? if this doesn’t get built you know they will lean towards real light industrial meaning warehouses that will line that side of the highway is that what you want? either way something is gonna get built there either this mall or if you stop it then it’ll be warehouses. to be honest id rather choose this mall that will have nice landscaping instead of warehouses with no landscaping. and what are you talking about country people?? kihei ain’t country hello.

  4. All I can say is that we as a culture, a people need to consider the big picture. I was born and raised on the Valley Isle and have always lived and now heard of all the struggles that my family and friends deal with regarding our sensitive economy. There will always be pro’s and con’s to any issue, but look at the long term benefits and consider what will the future hold. Denying development or change may hurt our community in other ways that are more than cosmetic. If we work to capitalize what we can from it and then work to make it our own then who will ultimately win. Tourism is what drives our economy and we can become that destination once again if we work to balance paradise and invite the world dollars to our door on our terms vs them going somewhere else because we have nothing to offer or because we are to stubborn to grow and provide for our children’s future. It’s sad to say that money makes the world turn, but if we can mediate through it then it can be a win-win situation

  5. Mediate this: a reply from an Maui resident, businessman and acquaintance who received the public meeting notice:

    The problem is, you see, that the payoffs, kickbacks, bribery, contracts have already been negotiated between our corrupt county and state governments (It’s tradition you see, just an accepted part of the DPWS and their 3rd world way of doing “business. It’s not even thought of as being wrong.) I’ve been here for almost 40 years and it just keeps on getting worse. Harsh prison sentences would probably help, but the judges are part of the corrupt system! I wish you the best of luck. Unfortunately, as long as it doesn’t put money into a politicians pocket, it won’t get done.
    Perhaps forcing the politicos and their groupies, the developers to upgrade all of S Kihei’s crumbling roads, sewage and other basic infrastructure before one shovel of rocky soil is moved could make this a little sweeter. Good luck w/ that! How did Don Couch get to use our money to bribe his staff w/out even having to keep it a secret? Who is(n’t) bribing him?
    Why aren’t they all audited before and after each election? Blatant… Good luck in stopping them. Remember, it ain’t the developers who issue the permits to do these atrocities. It’s our county and state governments!

  6. MyIslandMaui: i agree with you, without money we go back to being in a recession. Tourist is what bring in the money to our businesses and to us in order for us to live the lifestyle we live in and to live in paradise without things to attract them they wont come. I have numerous customers all the time everyday that always ask me is there other shops besides kaahumanu or wailea and i alway have to say no thats all. Its sad how they too want options but are limited just like we are, and yes in order for us to prosper we need to grow and now hold back on growing. If we don’t grow our economy doesn’t grow and we stand stagnant and we all fail. Most of you people don’t see that if that happens it hurts the future of Hawaii and the kids who will live in it, as for now you don’t worry about that cause you live a nice life and retired and have what you need and want but what about them. You people need to open your eyes and see this as a opportunity instead of something bag for the economy, see how this place would give families a place to go to and enjoy themselves. I mean think about it its gonna employ over 1,000 employees people that doesn’t have a job or has a hard time finding one cause all positions are full will now have a chance at something better and new. Come on people stop being so small minded and look how this is a good thing for Maui and for Kihei.