10/19/10 Community Meeting Recap on election forum

In spite of the fact that several incumbent candiates were prohibited from participating, due to  the County Council’s extremely extended session continuing on until our meeting ended, an enthusiastic group of members actively participated in quizzing  fifteen candidates to facilitate making decisions in the November 2 election. Mahalo to the candidates who participated, to those who were hard at work in the Council Session and thus could not, and our volunteers who moderated the groups and facilitaed the meeting. See next week’s (10/28/10) Maui Weekly for a professional report on this meeting.

The final (none in December) KCA meeting is Nov 16 at the Kihei Charter Middle School on Lipoa, featuring election of the 2011 Board of Directors.

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One Response to “10/19/10 Community Meeting Recap on election forum”

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