Deer at Lipoa Street Farmers’ Market this Morning

6/16/18 #kihei  NO, this was NOT one of those stupid misguided publicity stunts. Somehow this poor frightened creature came into the location before the market opened at 8:30 AM, leaped a perimeter fence, and became trapped in a long narrow strip of land between two buildings.  Market management immediately called 24 hour hotline to rectify the situation, and the young deer seemed reasonably safe , but understandably upset in the enclosure.

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3 Responses to “Deer at Lipoa Street Farmers’ Market this Morning”

  1. The deer was still there as of 2:00pm this afternoon. Do you know if anyone was called from animal services? I left a message for the Humane Society and the DLNR is closed on weekends.

  2. As we stated manager of market advised he called emergency # before 8 AM, seemingly to no avail. I spoke to MHS; they cant come get it & referred me to DLNR number for office that is closed
    We will keep trying for a solution. m Please continue with updates & we will too

  3. OK, we called MPD non emergency number now & they will try to help somehow Also spoke to Boo Boo Zoo, & Sylvan advised deer can jump 6 ‘ fence from standing if wants to Not sure what else to do at this point
    UPDATE DLNR OFFICER CALLED BACK & WILL SEEK HELP, but may end up that deer will be stuck there until darkness & quiet & then jump out