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The Public Relations Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the board of directors on all matters pertaining to public, community, government and media relations; fundraising; website maintenance; and responding to inquiries from the public, the community, government officials and the media. Chaired By: Mike Moran   Search for News and Articles from our community […]


UPDATE 2/18/14  MISC will be presenting to KCA on March 18 UPDATE  1/10/14  HERE IS LINK TO INFORMATIVE VIDEO Spread the Word. this is most important to everyone on Maui!! 1/8/14  : Is there anyone on Maui who is not aware of this very nasty little fire ant which has invaded Maui from […]


About The Committee System Due to the complexity of its work, KCA divides its tasks among several committees. Each committee has its own meetings and sets its own goals and objectives. This creates considerable variation among the committees and allows KCA to be most effective in approaching many of the issues that we face as […]

Kihei Community Assoc. Develops New Structure for a New Year

Maui Weekly | Thursday, August 28, 2008 | Scott Broadbent KCA reorganized to plan and implement projects, improve the environment and inform citizens to develop a firm vision of the future and make sure “Kihei’s voice is heard.” Concerned that their six committees were becoming unwieldy, the Board of Directors of the Kihei Community Association […]

January 2008 General Membership Meeting Recap

Aloha from the Kihei Community Association! January Re-Cap 2008 2008 ‘s first KCA Community Meeting included about 50 Community members & guests for a new format as several board members contributed to directing the program.  After naming the 2008 elected officers, community announcements proceeded as board member Maury King advised of the planned Makena Past, […]

Commercial Construction Continues Mauka of Highway in N. Kihei.

UPDATE  MAY 12, 2014  First to clarify, this parcel, the land owner, the agent all have no relationship to the huge controversial proposed development due south on the other side of Blackie’s Shell gas station. The latest update of this parcel is it has now become a Food Truck Court, while the other one down […]

MECO advises response to Maui County input to our Planning Committee

As reported here on 4/10/14 SEE Maui County energy guys reported to this committee their position on MECO’s proposed actions in South Maui. This morning (5/8/14), MECO, represented by“project lead ” Engineer Troy Connatser and “Director of Government and Community Relations,” Mahina Martin .came to the committee to offer their perspective.    .. Your […]

Can Industrial Hemp be Grown in South Maui? Opinions vary.

At last evening’s (4/15/14) general membership meeting focused on industrial hemp, listening to Hawaii Farmers Union United’s President Vincent Mina address this issues and more and while the membership heard from KCA past president George Rixey discuss the benefits of Hempcrete in architectural designs and construction, it seemed that there was unanimous consent that it would […]

An informative presentation on Sea Level Rise in Hawaii observed in Kihei

While less than 25 guys attended this very informative presentation at the Whale Sanctuary on SKR yesterday (12/13/13) at noon, they were the fortunate ones to see only the third viewing in Hawaii, which followed one offered to the Maui County Planning Dept that morning. Serendipitously for this KCA report about Sea Level Rise, the […]

KCA Comment on Report in Maui Weekly of our November Community Meeting

KCA disappointed by meeting coverage December 20, 2012 Jon Miller – KCA President , The Maui Weekly The Kihei Community Association (KCA) has had a mutually respectful relationship with the Maui Weekly for several years, and we are appreciative of their continued support. However, we are disappointed with the story covering our Tuesday, Nov. 20, […]