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Final permit application reveals major flaw 5/22/18 #kihei This afternoon, we met at Public Works Director David Goode’s facility on the fourth floor with him and his engineers, Ty Takeno and Wendy Kobashigawa, as he responded to our request to discuss the contentious project. Director Goode opened the meeting with a bombshell announcement that in […]

Kulanihakoi River Bridge proposal was discussed Monday 5/14/2018 in Council Chambers at IEM, but no firm conclusion yet

5/14/18 #kihei This afternoon, we participated at Chair Elle Cochran’s Infrastructure and Environmental Management (IEM) Council committee for item IEM-43 – our longstanding proposals and actions for a much less expensive yet improved action to replace the deteriorated box culvert in the Kulanihakoi river gulch. While the item examines the contract awarded to Wilson Okamoto Corporation […]

The next action for the Kulanihakoi River Bridge proposal is Monday afternoon 5/14

5/10/18 #kihei After Maui News’ front page coverage last month of community proposals and actions for a much less expensive yet improved way to replace the deteriorated box culvert in the Kulanihakoi river gulch, we are preparing for the next step. This Monday afternoon at 1:30 PM in the Council’s eighth floor chambers, committee chair […]

Kulanihakoi “bridge” proposal draws KCA to Planning Commission this morning

DPW Director David Goode Applies for SMA permit & Shoreline Setback for next phase of proposed construction of gulch crossing on South Kihei Road.south of Kaonoulu. This morning (6/14/16) we submitted testimony on the request to alert the volunteer Commissioners how much else is involved right here near the intersection of Kaonoulu & SKR. We […]

KCA was at County Council Friday regarding item 18-151: Kulanihakoi River Crossing

COUNCIL VOTES APPROVAL, 6-2       4/20/18 #kihei KCA wishes to express our appreciation to the six (of nine) members for voting in favor of the proposed resolution requesting the Public Works Department (DPW) to pause in their continuing effort to proceed with this project as defined by the DPW. This morning five directors were at Council […]

Kihei’s proposed “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” on South Kihei Road

What would be the overall best way to cross the Kulanihakoi River Gulch in North Kihei along South Kihei Road (SKR) between Kaonoulu and the Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary Facility? 3/25/18 #kihei You remember when the ancient dilapidated box culvert just south of Kaonoulu nearly collapsed, but had first the emergency steel plate installed, in […]

Kulanihakoi Gulch Flooding 12/20/2017

12/20/2017 #kihei #flooding More pictures from today’s flooding on South Kihei Road, taken around 4PM:


Newer Pix on 2/12/15                         UPDATE 2/11/15   This temporary crossing began improvements this morning, which necessitated closing one lane, with the resulting vehicle back ups. As most of the community was unaware this was taking place, there was some grumbling.         […]

New “bridge” proposed for So. Kihei Road

On Tuesday morning (5/14/13) the KCA planning committee welcomed Wilson Okomoto Corp. of Oahu offering  a presentation of a proposed bridge replacement in the notorious flooding area at the corner of Kaonoulu, near the Whale Sanctuary in North Kihei. The existing four barrel box culverts are failing, and a bridge replacement is being developed. Led by […]

DPW Director David Goode meets with KCA Planning Committee

This morning (4/10/14), as always, Director David Goode pleasantly agreed to address the concerns of our Planning Committee at the KCA office. Presented with that very familiar list of KCA priorities going back decades, including the proposed N-S Collector Rd, making Kihei a walkable-bike able community and overall sufficient infrastructure to match all the established, […]